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Summer Schools

Roehampton Abroad has scholarships available of up to £750 for you to take part in a Summer opportunity to enhance your degree and give you the adventure of a lifetime.

Find out more information by clicking on the links below or alternatively, if you have found a summer school you wish to attend not on the list, please send this to for assessment...

Ljubljana Summer School - Business and Economics
Universitat de Vic Summer School - Spanish Language and Culture in Barcelona
Universitat de Vic Summer School - Marketing and Business 4.0
University of North Carolina Wilmington Summer School - Various courses available
University of Auckland Summer School - Screen Tools for Emerging Film-makers
ISEP Summer Programmes - Various courses and destinations available
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam - Various courses available 
Institute for European Studies Summer School - EU Policy Making, Law
The Technical University of Berlin Summer School - Business/Computer Science courses available
Tilberg University Summer School - Business/HR/Religion, Theology and Culture
ELTE Institute of Business and Economics, Budapest - Business, Economics and Accounting
European University of Rome International Trade Law Summer School - Law
ACU Summer School, University of Cape Coast, Ghana - 'The Migration Generation? Climate, Youth and Refugees'
To apply for a Summer School Scholarship, please click HERE

University of Ljubljana Summer