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Who can study abroad?

Am I eligible?
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You must meet the following requirements to apply for a semester abroad:
  • Be in year one of your Roehampton degree
  • You must be on track to pass your first year, meeting the minimum requirement of a 40% grade average.
  • For a semester abroad, you must be completing any Roehampton degree programme*
  • Your Programme Convener(s) must approve your application. NB If you are a combined honours student, both Programme Convenors must approve your application.
  • Students on full time degree programmes at the University of Roehampton are eligible to apply.  If you are studying for a Roehampton degree with one of our partners (e.g. QA, Schiller) you cannot participate in one of these exchanges.
  • If you are selected for the programme, you must successfully complete your first year and achieve the minimum requirement of 40% by the June of your first year.

*If you are studying one of the courses below, you are unable to apply for a study abroad semester. This is due to external accreditation requirements which must be completed at Roehampton. However, you can apply for one of our summer programmes, you can find details here.
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Biblical Studies
  • Computing Web Development
  • Education Practice
  • Human Resource Management
  • Law, Law and Criminal Justice
  • Marketing
  • Nursing (All Programmes)
  • Primary Education (QTS)
  • Psychology (All programmes inc Sport Psychology)

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