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Erasmus+ funding

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  • If you study or work in Europe during your period abroad, it’s likely that you’ll be eligible to participate in the Erasmus+ programme. The Erasmus+ programme provides students studying at one of our European partner institutions with an additional support grant.
  • For students eligible for the various higher education widening participation premiums there is a monthly supplement.
  • Students participating in the Erasmus+ programme may be able to take an online language course as part of their programme, even if the programme of study will be in English.
  • Find out more by visiting the Erasmus+ website and by taking a look at the Erasmus+ student charter.
  • You can read our Erasmus+ Policy Statement here.
Additional Erasmus+ support for students with a disability / special needs
  • If you have a severe disability or exceptional special needs and are taking part in the Erasmus+ programme, you can apply for additional Erasmus+ funding to support you whilst you are abroad.

  • This support is available in cases where severe disability or special needs lead to mobility costs which exceed the Erasmus+ grant amount and which cannot be recovered from other sources.

  • For more information, visit the Erasmus+ additional funding homepage or contact the Roehampton Abroad Officer (Outward Mobility and Exchanges).