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Staff Opportunities

Staff are able to participate in outward mobility through the Erasmus+ Staff Teaching/Training programme and also through the Academic Seed Fund.

International mobility presents an excellent opportunity for professional development, as well as developing links with partner institutions, experiencing a new culture, developing skills / enhancing knowledge and taking on a new challenge!
Erasmus+ Programme

Within the Erasmus+ programme, academic staff can take part in a teaching mobility placement at a partner institution, whilst both administrative and academic staff can take part in a training mobility placement at another institution or enterprise, which can include job shadowing, attendance of workshops and courses, observation (NB - funding is not available for conferences).

Academic Seed Fund

The Academic Seed Fund allows academic staff to bit for an award of up to £1000 to support them undertaking a visit to a peer at either an existing or potential partner university in the USA. The aim of the award is to encourage outward mobility for both staff and students, promoting and creating more opportunities for  exchange, faculty-led trips or research collaborations.

For further details, contact Gina Ralph, Roehampton Abroad Officer (Outward Mobility and Exchanges)

Staff Opportunities