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Before, during and after your exchange

You will be informed of the result of your application by the end of April after the application deadline. If your application is successful, you will be offered a place at a host institution.

Before going abroad

The Roehampton Abroad Team will provide you with information on what to do next.

You will be making arrangements as follows:
  • Choosing modules at your host university; these then need to be signed off by your Programme Convenor on the Confirmation of Exchange Form.
  • Completing an incoming exchange student application form for your host institution; details of this will be sent to you either by your host institution or the Roehampton Abroad Team.
  • Making arrangements for your:
    • accommodation while abroad
    • travel and health insurance
    • visa application (if applicable)
    • travel to and from the host university
  • Informing Student Finance England (or your funding body, if different) of your plans.
  • Registering for Roehampton modules (120 credits). You will cancel the Roehampton modules for your study abroad semester before leaving for the exchange, but it is important to have a back-up plan in case you become unable to go abroad for any reason. Make sure that you do not register for any year-long modules during your exchange year.
  • Completing any funding-related forms such as Turing funding, Roehampton Abroad scholarship etc.

When you arrive at your host university

  • Check your modules with your host university.
  • You will probably attend formal orientation and registration events shortly after your arrival.
  • Within two weeks of the start of your course, contact your Programme Convener and the Exchanges Coordinator to confirm the modules you are taking.
  • If your modules need to change, you must have the new modules approved by your Programme Convener and the Exchanges Coordinator. Remember that modules need to be the equivalent of Roehampton 2nd year and 3rd year modules and be academically suitable in order to count towards your degree. Taking modules that have not been approved while you are abroad may delay your graduation.
  • Send your arrival certificate to the Roehampton Abroad team.

During your exchange

  • Remember to keep your contact details updated on your Nest Portal and to keep checking your Roehampton email address(including the junk folder!).
  • Let everyone know how you are getting on!
  • If you are abroad during the spring, you will need to register for the following year’s modules while you are away. You will need to follow advice from your Programme Convenor and Registry during this process.
  • You will also need to apply for accommodation on campus (if applicable) during this time.

Returning from your exchange

  • In order to be awarded exchange credits for the courses you study abroad you must fulfill any attendance requirements and pass the appropriate assessments.
  • On your return to Roehampton your host university will send a copy of your transcript to the Exchanges Coordinator. Your credits will then be transferred automatically. Grades are not transferred and will not count toward your Roehampton degree classification.  
  • Some institutions require you to apply for your own transcript and have it sent to the Roehampton Abroad office; please check with your host university whether transcripts are automatic or not prior to leaving to prevent any delays.
  • Attend Roehampton Abroad Alumni events: you will have the chance to find out how to make the most of your skills gained during your stay abroad, and have the opportunity to speak to incoming exchange students from your host university!