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Why study abroad?


From enhancing your employability to allowing you to travel, here are our top ten reasons for studying abroad:
  1. Increase your employability! Employers value the numerous skills gained through studying abroad, giving you the edge when applying for jobs.
  2. Travel and explore new places… from breathtaking Hong Kong to sunny Arizona.
  3. Make friends from all over the world: you will be studying abroad with people from different cultures and have the opportunity to develop your intercultural skills.
  4. Develop your personal skills! You will be in brand new situations, allowing you to develop your self-confidence and skills such as time management and problem-solving!
  5. Discover new cultures, traditions and customs, whether it’s Spring Break in South Carolina or San Juan in Barcelona.
  6. Gain a new international perspective on your studies, and have the chance to study at some of the world’s top institutions in their fields.
  7. Have fun! You could be learning to scuba dive in California, exploring the Appalachian National Scenic Trail or dancing the Samba in São Paulo, Brazil!
  8. Improve or gain language skills: practice your French in Paris or why not learn a new language by living in a non-English speaking country whilst studying your programme in English? You could even learn at Roehampton before you go...
  9. Gain independence: you will have the chance to face many new situations and become more independent whilst abroad.
  10. An experience of a lifetime: this really is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, which will change your life.
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